Birthday Parties

Laser Tag is a fun combat entertainment experience. No mess, no paint. Its suitable for young kids 10 years through to adults with lots of energy to burn

Laser tag is like an adrenaline pumping video game, but you play in a live-action role-play gaming guns that have a real-time hit feedback, so you know you got ‘em even from 100 metres away.

Gamers shoot a long range invisible and harmless beam, just like an oversized TV remote.
The experience kicks off with a mission briefing. The gamers are split up into two teams – and we play a variety of laser tag missions.

This is where mates become heroes for a day.

We play on a purpose built outdoor battlefield.

All  our functions are private, and the only kids playing will be the ones you invited

BBQ, clubhouse,toilets and parking facilities available at no additional cost.

Mum and dad can use our other facilities like play a round of golf,try our putt putt,driving range,baseball,clay target shooting or simply relax

Session Length 3 hours

  • 20 min – registration/mission briefing
  • 4 x 15 min – missions
  • 5 to 10 minute break between 2nd and 3rd game
  • complimentry lunch hot dog,drink - 30 mins
  • One game of putt putt 1 hour

Numbers on the Day

This is a group experience for up to 12 people.


The laser equipment is weather-resistant so it can be used in the rain.

Dress Code

  • A hat is recommended and closed in footwear is essential

Other Info

All participants must:-

Sign Disclaimer form 

Play at your own risk

Under 18yrs must have it signed by a legal guardian