Our Equipment Brings The Modern Video Game To Life Through An Exciting Tactical Laser Tag Experience Suitable For Players Of All Ages!

Battle Rifle

The Battle Rifle is the latest innovation in tactical laser tag and is setting a new standard in the industry. Its sleek futuristic military inspired design makes it one of the best looking units available. It size and weight make it appeal to every age

No movie or video game would be quite the same without an amazing audio experience. That is why the battle rifle has the most powerful audio solution available.. Voice cues, kill confirmations, explosions, weapons, our equipment is packed with hundreds of amazing sound effects that will enhance any battlefield experience


Weapon Types

Our gun comes with 8 default weapon types. The Battle Rifle, Burst Rifle, SMG, Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Sniper, Battle Cannon, and Assault laser

Each weapon preset includes unique characteristics that you can edit like range, damage, clip size, reload speed, and rate of fire. You can also select any one of our 14 different sounds

Primary and Secondary Weapon Slots
A first of it’s kind feature that lets players equip 2 different weapon types. Players can switch weapons on the fly on the battlefield. When used with our Utility Box you can create power weapons that players can pick up in the heat of battle to get an edge over their enemy.

Shooting Range
The range of the Battle Rifle in broad daylight is over 180 metres

Vibration Feedback
When you shoot or get shot with the battle rifle you feel it! the built in mechanism makes the game come alive and is not featured in any other gun in the industry.

Visual Health indicator
The larger LCD display allows you to see all the necessary information the visual health indicator makes it easier to know where your health is at

Bluetooth means no more stinking cables to connect to your head sensors, your gun will communicate wirlessly to your headsensor

Powered scopes
Means precision targets from over 180 metres away